My worker will be starting at the Sydney East Substation Redevelopment site and is not registered in WSAT – what do I do?

  1. Register your worker in the WSAT system (follow instructions in Stage 2: Register Your Workers)
  2. As part of registration, assign them to the Sydney East Redevelopment Project and the Sydney East Substation Redevelopment – Site Access role.
  3. You will need to assign them:
    1. One (or multiple as applicable) Technical Roles – compulsory (refer to Sydney East Substation Redevelopment Site – Skills Matrix below)
    2. Power Systems Safety Rules (PSSR) or Environmental Role – as deemed by a Transgrid Site Representative
  4. Enrol the worker in an online Site Induction course – they will be emailed a link and login details to complete this induction.
  5. The result of the induction will checked and signed off by the relevant Transgrid Site Representative when the worker attends site for the first time.

They must carry a contractor card/Pegasus ID card at all times on site.