My worker is registered in the Transgrid WSAT system and currently working at the Humelink project – what do I need to do?

Your worker must hold the Transgrid Humelink – Site Access Role in the system, and carry a contractor card at all times on site.

For Humelink, Transgrid has assigned the Transgrid Humelink – Site Access Role to some worker’s profiles based on pre-existing records. To check to ensure all workers have the correct roles assigned, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Login to Pegasus Gateway
  2. Once you have clicked the Transgrid tile from Pegasus Gateway, you will be at the system dashboard.
  3. Click the Manage Companies tile to check the registration of your business,
  4. Manage Employees to add a new worker, or Manage Roles to get them compliant to work on site.
  5. Each worker must hold these roles, which are selected after choosing Humelink as their project:


    • Transgrid Humelink – Site Access Role (auto-assigned)
    • HSE Contractor Induction (must select for each worker)
    • Trade or task role they complete on site (must choose at least one for each worker)

Where applicable:

    • Mobile Plant Operator role/s
    • Power System Safety Rules and Environmental Authorisations

If you are unsure what roles you need to apply for each worker, please contact the Humelink Site Manager.

If the worker has already completed their site induction at the Humelink, they will not have to do another induction.